Upcoming & Requests

Link: List of upcoming karaoke of all channels

blue = confirmed requests
orange = songs I want to do

Moratorian (KEI)

Crow Girl (Yono)

Cattleya (yuzuhiko)

Hana wa Sakuragi, Hito wa Kimi (Team Kamiuta)

Hide & Seek (kurageP)

HYBRID (niki)

imperfect flower (SCL Project)

Lost Story (yuyoyuppe)

Palette (yuyoyuppe)

Datte Datte Datte (takanon)

REVERSE (niki)

Sayonara no kawari ni, hanataba wo (HanatabaP)

Seigi Funsai (Maki)

Setsuna Plus (MikitoP)

Terrorist (niki)

Tómur (NioP)

too late to tell (U-ske)

Omoide Kakera (devilish5150)

Luck-Ga-Kist (cosMo)

This is a rough order, it’s possible that I’ll just do the song I want the most at that moment first.


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